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Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle For the North
Some attributes
First Created By: Kabam
Second Available For: iOS & Android
Third Current Version: 10.4.0
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Fourth Originally Released: March 2012

Version 9

New Features: - Look out for special Round Tower events where you can get in-game items and other prizes! - Unlock free reward chests by reaching key Player Levels! - Alliance Wall notice board for posting messages for fellow alliance members - Buy Upgrade feature now allows upgrades even when you don't have enough resources - New ambient soundtracks

Improvements: - Improved usability in the Shop and on March planning screens - Improved Tapjoy integration: App refresh is no longer required after completing bonus Gem offers

Version 8

Released 29th July 2012

Lords and Ladies of Camelot’s Northern Territories we listened to your feedback and we are proud to announce Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North Version 8, packed with many awesome new features and improvements!

New Features:

  • 5 Brand New Defensive Units: Greek Fire - Spiked Barrier - Boiling Oil - Persian Sulfur - Hellfire Thrower!
  • Watch Tower now shows Wilds being under attack
  • Ability to "forward" and to "delete all" mails


  • Faster in-game Mail System
  • Improved visibility for Sales and Sales Info/Details
  • Improved Messaging when the App is Under Maintenance
  • UI improvements

Version 7

Released 20th June 2012

Lords and Ladies of Camelot’s Northern territories we listened to your feedback and we are proud to announce Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North Version 7, packed with many awesome new features and improvements!

Brand New Features:

  • Get free Gems by inviting friends to join the game!
  • Native Keyboard support in Chat with auto-correct
  • Language support for: Russian, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Polish


  • Faster loading and typing in Chat
  • Alliance Build with Help UI improvements
  • Newbie help in-game messages.
  • Urgent message on main screen to get latest updates

Bug Fixes:

  • Random game crashes

Version 6

Released 7th May 2012

We are proud to announce Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North Version 6!

Brand New Features:

  • Two new weekly Leaderboards based on Might gained and enemy troops killed


  • Revamped Alliance Reports page
  • Enabled Push Notifications for completing Wall Defenses training
  • Ability to edit Alliance description
  • The tutorial can now be skipped when creating accounts on new worlds
  • Special icons for Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors in Alliance Chat
  • Experience curve changed: it’s easier to level up now!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Reinforced Troops not Defending
  • Fixed issue with unusable Second City Deed Chest
  • Fixed leaderboard displaying “error code: 0”
  • Fixed “error code: 0” when Researching “Healing Potions” in the Second City
  • Fixed Alliance Report filter not filtering incoming attack reports
  • Various bug fixes related to the “fatal error” notification
  • Player is now notified when attempting to destroy their Embassy while in an Alliance
  • Fixed issues relating to buildings remaining unfinished after using speedups

Version 5

Released 14th April 2012

We are proud to announce Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North Version 5! Packed with many awesome new features and improvements, this is the update you have all been waiting for!

Brand New Features include:

  • Second City!
  • New Buildings – Relief Station & Round Tower
  • Might Leaderboard
  • High Stakes Merlin’s Gamble
  • Mystery Chests now available in Shop
  • Additional Instant Build Queue
  • Manage your Ignored and Blocked players list


  • New and improved Bookmarks! Now Players can Edit and Personalize Bookmarks
  • Bookmarks can be organized in 4 categories: All, Favorites, Friendly and Hostile
  • In Game Mail Characters Limit extended to 2000
  • Lowered training times and slot limits of Wall Defense Troops
  • Alliance search by name
  • Transport to Allies directly from Alliance Chat
  • Notification in chat when Build/Research/Train progress completes
  • More Peace Time item choices

Bugs fixed:

  • Missing Knight's EXP
  • Randomly missing Scout reports
  • Random Gold loss
  • March causing random crashes

Version 4

Released 1st March 2012

We are proud to announce Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North V4! We listened to your feedback and suggestions, and packed this release full of many new features and improvements!


  • New Battle Mechanics: more balanced and less punitive!
  • New Troop Units, Troops Structure and Troops Stats!
  • Training Troops is cheaper and faster!
  • Scouting is free!
  • No more Troops Desertion!
  • Pict Camps and Wilds will hold a better mix of Resources and more Gold!
  • Chat - Added Ignore & Report function
  • Chat - Join an Alliance by clicking on another player’s name!
  • Alliance Chat now supports Whispers!
  • Map now displays graphics on cities that are under Beginner's Protection
  • Alliance now has Marshal & Vice Marshal positions.
  • Gems Reward Program

Plus, many improvements:

  • Language Supported: French, Italian, German, Spanish
  • Alliance list now supports page number input and displays 20 per page
  • Lowered Embassy requirements (build time reduced and Level 1 can now create Alliance)
  • Easier access to in-game Help, Support and Feedback
  • Fixed bug where troop training slider jumps to max
  • Fixed bug of production quests claiming

Version 3

Release Date Unknown

Version 2

Released 16th December 2011

Greetings Lords and Ladies of Camelot's Northern Territories!

Download version 2.0 of “Battle for the North “and you will enjoy overall improvements to the gameplay and brand new features, with more on the way!

New feature details:

  • Major improvements to chat, including:
    • Single tap to send messages
    • Click player names for more info and the option to whisper (private chat)
    • New message alert for alliance chat (flashing header)
  • Alliance Names next to usernames
  • Added background music and SFX
  • Added larger resource items in the Shop

Important Note: All players must upgrade to version 2.0 in order to keep playing.

Version 1

Release Date Unknown

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